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  Dear teachers and students:

  Good morning / afternoon / evening! My name is Liu zi yuan. The title of my speech is the relationship between creativity and imagination.


  There is no creativity without imagination. With the development of the society, creativity becomes more and more important. People could not satisfy with ordinary life. So we need creativity to meet their requirements. We can see significance of the creativity from an example. The smart phone—iphone spread all over the world. That was the creativity of The Apple Inc. It is obvious that it will produce a bigger profit than common manufacturing. But, hao can we acquire creativity?


  I think the creativity roots in imagination. Albert Einstein said that imagination is important than knowledge. Because we should creative a thing that is never appeared, we need to image. Use all the things and information around us to think and then go to achieve it. Without the imagination of the Wright brothers , human could not complete the flying dreams. Without the imagination of the Alexander Graham Bell, we could not hear the voice from a distance. If the creativity can make the human progress, imagination will be the road to success. Where the imagination come from? Knowledge ? Experience ? practice? I consider that all of them are indispensable. It is often said that knowledge is power. So we should empower ourselves with knowledge. After that we need to obtain experience form. practice. These are the basis, and we must strengthen them to extend our imagination.

  我认为创造力扎根于想象力。爱因斯坦曾经说过,想象力远远比知识更重要。因为我们要创造一个事物,以前从没有出现过的,因此我们需要想象。利用我们周围所有的事物以及信息去想象,然后去完成它。 没有莱特兄弟的想象力,人类就不能实现飞天的梦想;没有贝尔的想象力,我们就不能听到来自远方的声音。如果说创造力可以使人进步,那么想象力就是通向成功的道路。想象力来自哪里?知识?经验?


  As contemporary college students, we must shoulder the responsibility of the future of our motherland. What we need is not only the knowledge of the past, but also is the innovation of a new field. Our thought can not be bound by the old things. We should understand that an excellent nation is always full of creativity. So we must promote our imagination. There is no creativity without imagination. That’s all, thank you!

  作为一个当代的大学生,我们需要肩负起祖国的未来。我不仅需要旧的知识,而且更要创新新的知识领域。我们的思想不能被旧知识所束缚。我们应该知道,一个优秀的民族永远是一个具有创新性的名族,所以我们必须提升我们的想象力。因为没有想象力就没有创造力。 演讲完毕,谢谢大家!

  Alibaba Group founder Ma Yun said: "if you do not take action, don't give your dreams a chance to practice, you will never have a chance." Friends, light innovation passion and dreams, just to let you see the door to success, only you have the courage to pay hard, for the dream of unremitting efforts, it can be stepped into the threshold of success. Ma Yun's success is a good illustration of this point. In 1995, Ma decided to resign from the university teaching work, the formation of the Internet Chinese. At that time, the Internet for the United States and other developed countries is just beginning, even even bill gates are opposed to the Internet, in China, not to mention the, the vast majority of people don't know what it is. So, when he called twenty-four friends to vote on the matter, there are twenty-three people opposed that the Internet simply can not achieve this thing. He finds the Internet will change the human life, believe that their ideal will be realized, resolutely embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. But no money, no difficulties as can be imagined, even human, he was mocked as a liar.

  I believe many friends present here today have seen the program "Yu Dan Zhuangzi experience", which has a story that I am inspired by, say, Keiko ah, one day to see Zhuang Zi, saying my house has a large gourd, there are five stone. If you put it into two halves, when to scoop water, the gourd skin is too thin, it is broken up in one fell swoop. It doesn't have anything to do with it. It's a big thing. Chuang-tzu said to him, how do you think it must split when the scoop? If it is a complete big gourd, why don't you put it on his waist line, as swimming ring with it? You can go swimming in the river, with a large gourd free to drift this! A story inspires us, in real life, the state determines the judgment of things, it can completely change the fate of a person, we should stand in a large state, know how to change an angle to think, think about whether we can change the way the way of getting along with people, think about whether our method of work can be improved. We think the skills would further improve. Friends, a person to be successful, first of all to have a sense of innovation, as long as you have the dream of innovation and passion, the success of the door is always open for you, life will be more wonderful!

  The Asian Wall Street Journal Editor in chief, has described Ma entrepreneurs in their early work environment, "day and night work, to have a sleeping bag, who tired drill into sleep for a while." However, advocating martial spirit of Ma with extraordinary courage and perseverance, with his sword through the clutter and opened a through the broad road to the top of the success and ultimately swordsman, become a "peerless master", and describe the business of a myth! Everyone want to make your life more exciting, often troubled and confused, but as long as have the passion and dreams, persistent innovation, a door for you open - that is, the door to success!

  Finally gave everyone a poetic couplet: innovation, career, do not cause; innovation, defeat, also defeated the unbeaten. Hengpi: innovation decides success or failure!


  我相信在座的很多朋友都看过 “于丹《庄子》心得”这个节目,其中有个故事让我很受启发,说的是,惠子啊,有一天去见庄子,说我家有一个大葫芦,有五石之大。要是把它一劈两半,当瓢去盛水的话,这个葫芦皮太薄,往上一举它就碎了。反正用它盛什么东西都不行,这葫芦大得没什么用处。庄子告诉他说,你怎么就认为它非要劈开当瓢使呢?如果它是一个完整的大葫芦,你为什么不把它系在腰间,用它当做游泳圈呢?你可以去浮游于江海啊,带着一个大葫芦自由自在的去漂泊!这个故事启发我们,在现实生活中,境界的大小决定了对事物的判断,也可以完全改变一个人的命运,我们要站在大境界上,懂得换一个角度去思考问题,想想我们待人接物的方式是否可以改变,想想我们的工作方法是否能够改进,想想我们所掌握的技能是否还可能再提高。朋友们,一个人要想成功,首先要有创新的意识,只要你拥有创新的梦想和激情,成功之门就始终为你敞开着,生命一定会更加精彩!




















  Innovation, one we are familiar with the word .In particular, this is an era of

  rapid development , the word always hit our eardrums . However , innovation and its rich connotation, is that many people do their assiduous life , it may not be able to fully understand.Friend , do you know innovation ?

  Innovation is actually a dream.

  Ancient China had a man ,burdened wings made of paper , hesitate to jump as high cliff , hoping to fly like a bird in the clear sky . Jumped in pieces at the moment whether

  he could vaguely see the blue sky in the freedom of flying airplanes?

  Britain has a writer, works in his lifetime , enjoy fantasy, the hot air balloon , submarine ,telegraph ahead of dozens , or even hundreds of years into our lives.

  Verne pen down at the moment ,whether he had previously seen the distant future ? Dreams marked rich imagination , imagination as a source of innovation . Innovative transformation from dream to dream is the root, watered by the dream . Einstein never lost innocence like blowing soap bubbles in the air offerings of the earth,constantly shattered and constantly rising .

  Innovation requires suspicion and criticism .Suspected to be the seeds of innovation , critical innovation growth. Errors found in doubt , correct the error in the criticism , innovation to complete.

  However, skepticism , criticism of courage, people pay the price too much. The spring of 1543 , people shocked , a person, he actually claimed that the earth revolves around the sun .

  God, ah ! Let this person Budehaosi . People wanton laugh ,curse.Finally ,the curse come true , the day after 1978 , in the beautiful Rome Campo de 'Fiori, the religiously defended and developed the center of the sun is high in the doctrine of Bruno tied to the cross. A torch toward him, and sent waves smell of burnt flesh . The smell of death in the wandering . Suddenly, a voice from that distorted body burst out : "Fire does not make me conquer the future of the world will know me , and know my worth ."

  Yes, the fights did not conquer

  him, and that the flames of anger , and that the destruction of the flame , only

  to hang in the pseudo- truth face mask burning. Filled in the

  Campo de 'Fiori reluctant to disperse the ashes , it has to tell us: innovation

  , marching with his life proved suspicion and criticism , will eventually break

  the traditional shackles and have eternal life.

  Innovation requires profound .

  We all know that in the bath

  Archimedes discovered the law of buoyancy , the achievements of science in the

  history of a brother's wife. But we still

  remember Cao Chong said the elephant story ? Lovely children do not consciously use the law of

  buoyancy . However, the latter only as a

  bedtime story being circulated in the children's pillow , the former has given

  birth to one of the basic principles of physics .

  Sometimes, innovation is not

  difficult , can not say what time the spark of an idea flashed , innovation came

  to hand. Sparks can not last long , but

  innovation requires eternity. So innovation requires deep

  thinking , the pursuit of the essence of things, require us to dig further it

  has a sense of innovation .

  However, mining is not the most difficult , the most difficult is that conscious generation. You must swam , played some water, you will feel the pressure over the water , but you can say that you can create buoyancy do ? Even if you say , think of water as it came to be called ? I'm afraid not , right ? Is so many things in life , in your experiences, had to touch the edge of innovation , yet we do not have that concept , consciously innovative complete.

  As college students, our knowledge is still poor , maybe we can not have a great number of specific innovations.

  But we must nurture our sense of innovation . It contains many elements of consciousness .

  First, we must learn to dream , learn not reality clogging our innocence, from time to time to make a childhood dream to do , think about Mars fly romantic , think about the beauty of living in outer space . Do not just stare at the villa , sports car, doing physical slaves. Then, let us learn to doubt and criticism . Do not intimidated by the teacher that majestic face , do not think that all printed in lead type stuff is the truth. Kundera said: " a thinking human beings , God laughs ." Believe in yourself, doubts persist , the courage to criticize , fear of authority , the hero character . Again,let us look deep , steady light, it may look youthful rhythm depressed ,thinking something more to study some knowledge , do not have a strange idea, anunheard of discovery to pretend happy, but to practice Shique helpless. Finally, and most important , is to develop their own sense of innovation, especially for professionals in the sensitivity of new things . Roentgen because one is a photographic negatives and realized the existence of X-rays , and ultimately won the first Nobel Prize , Newton as a falling apple and discovered gravity . They professional acumen is that we really want to master in learning hand knowledge.Recognizing innovation . "Recognize " is a perception,understand the process of representation ; and " knowledge" is an understanding of the process of exploring its essential meaning . Recognizing innovation, we not only want to"recognize ", but it is important to " know ."

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